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Amaron Battery

Blast in Amaron Invertor battery

Complaint Details: 
Hello, I had purchased a invertor battery in Oct last year from Amaron India. The battery had a blast for no reason and it caused a lot of damage at our shop. Fortunately that happened over night and didn't caused any casuality but it caused damage to TV, CCTV camera and some furniture due to acid that come out from battery. The battery was just 6 month old. I logged a complain 20 days back with Customer Service and after that a represtative from Amaron come once in shop for analysis but till now I have not got the battery replaced. I am really surprised to see this as I thought Amaron batteries and services provided are world class. I have video and photos of the same with me. Please suggest how can I get quick replacement and claims for the loses from Amaron as they are not responding to our complains. We are really lucky that it didn't caused any mishap but that could really have proved destructive. Below are battery details SNo: 1CR1700D04R Current7 Address: New Poorti General Store Royal Complex, Sarai Road, Jumerati Bhopal Regards. Shadab Hasan Contact No: 9826074301, 9579511203
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