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Frequent repair Onida Washing Machine

Complaint Details: 
Chennai, 11th Dec 2013. From V.Arunagiri, Advocate, 2nd Floor, 3/398 10th Street, Venkateswara Nagar, Kottivakkam, Chennai-600041. Email:, Mobile: 880 770 8423. To The Customer Service, MIRC Electronics Ltd. Onida House, G-1, M.I.D.C, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 093. Tel: 022 - 28200435 / 66975777. Email:, For Institutional Sales: For Service: Ref: 1) Adonis Electronics Pvt Ltd. Invoice No. 12/043959 dated 26.01.2013. 2) My complaint – Onida Washing Machine – frequent repair – reg Sub: I am ashamed of having a Onida Washing Machine. x-x-x-x I bought an Onida washing machine. From the day one, it started giving trouble. The service is very poor. If I lodge a service complaint, they take a minimum of 15 days to attend the complaint, subsequently they take another 30 days time to rectify that. Totally they take a minimum of 45 days to rectify. When I gave a complaint in 2012, they have taken a six months time to rectify. I have challenged that I am ready to give Rs.5,000/- reward to the technician, who could make my machine to run just for 24 hours. Even now my offer is open “if any of your technician makes my machine to run for atleast one day, I am ready to give Rs.5000/-“ I have sent SMS to your entire team stating that “my machine had its last breath about 60 days back. The technician says spare parts not available. I am ashamed of having a Onida Washing Machine.” Even after receiving this SMS there is no response. I have informed this to your Regional Manager Mr.Ganesh Mobile No.9551280024, Branch Manager Mr.Sankar Mobile No.+919498080811, Technician Mr.Sendhil Mobile No. 9445129625. There is no response from them. They are not ashamed of receiving such a SMS from a customer. I request you to pay Rs.500/- per day, for the delay in rectifying my service. Even if you don’t respond, I will presume that my opinion “ashamed of having a Onida Washing”. I will just throw away the Onida washing machine from my second floor, take the video, and will upload this in social websites. By an unfortunate customer of Onida – V.Arunagiri.


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